Coco T.

Sweet, caring loving care. Local hospice in Gilroy. They actually care…what a concept. This hospice is the result of Dr. Omer’s dream of providing hospice care to our local people. She has dedicated this hospice to her father. What a wonderful concept. Everyone from the receptionist, to the aides, nurses, docs, social workers and spiritual counselors are dedicated to providing support, loving care and the very best environment for people in need. They are truly dedicated, kindhearted, loving people who put compassion above everything. They are true angels. When you call in the middle of the night you are connected to either the Director of Nursing or to Dr. Omer herself…not an answering service. You get a living, breathing soul who is dedicated to their calling. Thank you Dr. Omer and all of your wonderful, sweet, caring family.

Posted by Bonita Springs Care Team
3 years ago / August 10, 2021

Bonita Springs Health Care offers a continuum of care across multiple disciplines, meaning that our professionals can assess the needs of the patient, coordinate the required level of intervention, and provide the appropriate solution.

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