When Aging Loved Ones No Longer Drive: Use Home Care Services for Help

There comes a time in everyone’s life when it’s no longer safe to get behind the wheel and drive even short distances. While this loss of independence is challenging for many seniors, many resources make the transition more bearable.When Aging Loved Ones No Longer Drive Use Home Care Services for Help

Signs That It Is Time to Stop Driving

It’s important to know some of the warning signs to look for to ensure your loved one is safe. Broach the subject of transitioning to a passenger when your aging loved one experiences the following:

  • Confusion about where they are while driving in familiar places
  • Misinterpreting traffic signals
  • Inability to stay in the lane
  • Increase in traffic tickets or car accidents

When the data is in front of the senior driver, they will understand the need for safety for themselves and others on the road. Speak on the topic sensitively, being sure to emphasize that you have a shared goal of keeping them as independent as possible while also prioritizing safety. Then you can talk about alternatives to driving.

Alternatives to Driving for Seniors

Just because your loved one can no longer drive does not mean they lose all of their freedom. There are so many ways to get from here to there. And there are so many affordable delivery services. Look into some of these options:

  • Volunteer Drivers: Learn about volunteer services in the community that offer rides to seniors. Many aging adults need transportation to and from doctor’s appointments or the grocery store. Search for local driving services for seniors and take advantage of these generous programs.
  • Ride-Share Services: Use Lyft to travel to a book club or tennis lesson. Rides can be relatively affordable and increase your loved one’s freedom and flexibility.
  • Home Care Assistants: Home care services are in place to assist seniors in need of help with cleaning, cooking, hygiene, errands, and more. Home care assistants can drive seniors to doctor appointments and other important outings.
  • At-Home Doctor Visits: Bring the doctor to your home with televisits or home health services.
  • Home Delivery Services: Having groceries or dinner delivered to your doorstep is more common than ever. You can even order deodorant or other household needs and have it in your hands within hours of placing the order!

Once your loved one understands the myriad of options to maintain independence, they will likely feel less worried about giving up their driving privileges.

At Bonita Springs Healthcare Services we are here to help your loved one who can no longer drive. We have services available to help get your loved one to important appointments or even just to pick up groceries on their behalf. Call us at (408) 848-1114, or send us a message online at www.bonitaspringshealthcare.com to get started.

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1 year ago / April 25, 2023

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