Use Home Care to Help Through Early Stages of Dementia

Subtle signs of dementia creep in before you are really sure what’s going on. Your aging loved one gets the same item at the grocery store over and over, only to result in a stockpile of 12 tomatoes in the vegetable basket. They forget how to turn on the washing machine. When you call, they are unsure how to answer the phone call.Use Home Care to Help Through Early Stages of Dementia

These small changes creep in until your loved one no longer can live at home without help. Leaving the house for errands is out of the question as their risk of getting lost is increasing. Misplacing shoes, remotes, and car keys happen more and more often. What are the options for senior care for a loved one in the early stages of dementia?

Home Care for Dementia Patients

If your senior loved one is not ready to give up their home or independence, but their increasing dementia symptoms leave you feeling uneasy about leaving them at home alone, choose to compromise. Home care services will allow a home care provider to visit and attend to specified needs to ensure your loved one lives a high-quality and safe life at home.

Home care is a non-medical service offered so your loved one can maintain their independence at home. Some of the services offered by home care include:

  • Personal care management concerning daily routines, medication management, and physical rehabilitation exercises
  • Making sure dietary needs are met
  • Safety monitoring and extra support when fall risks are present
  • Customized care plans according to your loved one’s needs

Deciding when a loved one needs to move into your home or a care facility is always challenging. If you can help them maintain their independence and keep up with tasks at home through home care, they will feel empowered. Dementia symptoms will worsen over time, but early signs of dementia still leave room for independence.

When to Change the Care Plan

As dementia progresses, home care may not be enough anymore. If your loved one’s personality changes and they will not accept help or become volatile when small changes arise, it may be time to reevaluate their care plan. Reach Out to Bonita Springs Healthcare Services

Navigating care for a loved one with dementia is never easy. Let us help guide you to find a care plan that works for your family. Call us at (408) 848-1114, or send us a message online at to get started.

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12 months ago / May 30, 2023

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