Tips to Reduce Medication Mix-Ups When Caring for a Loved One with Memory Loss

The risk of medication mix-ups by those who self-administer their daily medications and supplements is increased for those who have memory-impairment or dementia. Family caregivers may need to step in and help manage the medication routine.  Initially, this can feel like an overwhelming task to the caregiver.

One of the biggest benefits of Home Health Services is medication management from a licensed nurse following a doctor’s orders.

Having a licensed nurse make routine visits to your home will help ensure that a personalized plan for administering medication is created and overseen, taking into account proper timing and correct dosages.

An in-home health nurse will provide these services:

  • Caregiver education to provide awareness for potential side effects associated with the medication
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the medication regimen and monitor for changes to health status
  • Educate caregiver on proper dosage and frequency of each medication
  • Report back to the doctor and quickly adjust orders as needed

If you do not have an in-home health nurse to assist you yet with medication management, the tips below are a great resource to help you reduce the likelihood of dangerous medication mix-ups:

  • Check the label on the medication for the name, frequency, and dose.
  • Never mix more than one medicine in the same bottle.
  • Keep all prescription medication in the bottle with a label.
  • Check the expiration date before administering medicine.
  • Check with your pharmacist if you are unsure about any medication before you administer it.
  • Know the phone number for poison control in the case of a mistake.
  • Keep a running list of current medications, always making sure it is up to date.

An easy-to-use pill sorter can help you manage your loved one’s weekly medication routine. If you struggle to stay on top of medication management, you are not alone. Bonita Springs Healthcare providers home health services that will help to give  you peace of mind.  Contact our Bonita Springs Healthcare Services team for questions about how home health services can help you.

Posted by Bonita Springs Care Team
2 years ago / July 26, 2022

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