Show Love for the Senior in Your Life This Valentine’s Day

It’s Valentine’s Day! When you think about all the people in your life who bring you joy, do not forget your senior family member or friend. You can shower them with love to help ward off any feelings of isolation or loneliness they may have during this time.Show Love for the Senior in Your Life This Valentine's Day

6 Ideas for Spending Valentine’s Day with Your Aging Loved One

Valentine’s Day isn’t only about romantic partners. It’s about making people feel loved and valued. Surround them with your presence, first and foremost. And then you can do some of these things together to commemorate the month of love:

  1. Read Old Love Letters: Does your friend have a partner who has passed away or an old flame with whom they never connected? Ask them about stories of romantic adventures in their early years and see if they kept any letters to read together.
  2. Make Sugar Cookies: Bring the kids around to make sugar cookies together. You can decorate the cookies and even involve your senior loved one in delivering the cookies to other people in your life who may be lonely or looking for a boost of morale.
  3. Watch a Romantic Movie: Pick an oldie or a new romantic comedy you can enjoy together on Valentine’s Day.
  4. Show Up with a Bouquet of Flowers: When do you think was the last time your loved one received flowers? Surprise them with a bouquet of flowers! Even better, bring flower supplies for making your own bouquet arrangements. Watch their creative side come out.
  5. Take a Fieldtrip to a Butterfly Garden: Get your loved one out of the house by visiting a butterfly garden, a greenhouse, or even for a stroll around the neighborhood. They just want to see your efforts, and any outing is meaningful.
  6. Look Through Old Scrapbooks: Invite your loved one to share old pictures from their childhood, asking questions along the way. Look at baby pictures from when they had children and ask for updates on the important people in their life. Look people up if your loved one lost track of someone.

Take the time to enjoy Valentine’s Day with your loved one and make it a new tradition! Each year, you can look forward to doing the new activity again. Your grandparent or senior friend will look forward to it all year!

We would love to offer ideas or help with caring for your aging loved one. Please reach out to our team at Bonita Springs Healthcare Services for questions about your medical needs.

Posted by Bonita Springs Care Team
1 year ago / February 21, 2023

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