Improve Cognitive Health During Alzheimer’s & Brain Awareness Month

Check in with your brain during this month of Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness. What can you do to actively boost your brain activity and relish what your brain can do for you each day?Improve Cognitive Health During Alzheimer's & Brain Awareness Month

Your brain makes thousands of connections each day. It is incredible! Read on for tips on how we can keep our brain activity vibrant and thriving.

5 Tips for a Healthy Brain

The following tips will help you engage your brain and bring positivity to your mind. It’s important to exercise your mental capacity every day to keep it from dwindling. When you actively work on making new brain connections, you will see great results.

1. Eat a Balanced Diet

Along with eating fruits, vegetables, lean protein, and grains, you can also implement foods with healthy fats. For example, look for avocados, salmon, and nuts to provide you with omega-3 fatty acids that promote brain health.

2. Increase Social Interactions

As you grow older, you may find fewer opportunities to engage with the community. Make special efforts to continue social relationships by attending classes at the community center and inviting friends over for a book club, game night, or dinner.

3. Learn a New Skill

Challenge your brain by learning a new skill! Study a language, learn how to play the piano, or take tennis lessons. It is never too late to broaden your horizons. You can also meet new people as you venture out into new territory.

4. Protect Your Sleep

Recharge your brain by getting a full night’s sleep every night. Your brain needs uninterrupted rest so that you can stay as healthy as possible. You may think that you should put off sleep to exercise or read, as those things also help the brain. But when you put sleep first, it will positively impact your mental health, brain health, and overall health.

5. Move Your Body

Exercise will strengthen your muscles and keep oxygen flowing throughout your body. It will also help with emotional health. When you exercise, you will feel accomplished and confident. Your body can do amazing things! Continue to challenge it every day by taking walks, going for a swim, or riding a bike.

Celebrate your brain and what it can do for you every day. Learn more about Alzheimer’s and other brain conditions throughout the month of June. For more information on Alzheimer’s care, reach out to Bonita Springs Healthcare Services.

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2 years ago / June 7, 2022

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