How to Support an Aging Parent When Bringing in Professional Home Health Care

You may wonder about aging parents and if they need home health care services. How can you best support the transition process? What is the best way to broach the topic of health care assistance as your parents get older?How to Support an Aging Parent When Bringing in Professional Home Health Care

It’s not an easy conversation to have. Your parents may be resistant to bringing a stranger into their home and may not know about this trusted service. Read on for more tips on starting a conversation of support with your aging parents.

Talking to Aging Parents about Home Health Care Assistance

Even if you are nervous that your parents may resist help in their home, you should still talk to them about the benefits of home health care assistance. Educating them about what their life could look like will significantly impact their decision moving forward. Unfortunately, most people brush off the idea of a home health nurse, thinking it is too expensive or inconvenient.

Start with these tips:

  1. Wait for the Right Time: Choose a time when your parents are happy and confident in their abilities, so they don’t feel like you are criticizing them. They will be more likely to listen when you do not bring up the need for help as a threat or a consequence.
  2. Speak from the Heart: Tell them you love them and want them to be taken care of and as healthy as possible. A home health care assistant will make that possible.
  3. Do Your Research: You will be met with questions about costs and insurance. Find out the answers to those questions before going into the conversation. Speak with their primary care doctor to get a professional opinion on the help that is needed in their home.
  4. Listen to Their Input: Take a breath to really listen to your parents’ concerns and opinions. Show them that you value what they have to say and that the decision is not already made. It’s a start to an ongoing discussion.
  5. Highlight the Positives: Point out how nice it will be for the family to have peace of mind that they are okay while everyone is away from their home. Also, talk about the expertise and friendliness of the assistants and how this will enhance their lives.

Stop worrying about your aging parents and get them the help they need. Once you both experience the benefits of having a health care professional visit the house every day, you will wonder why you waited so long to get the process started.

Contact a Trusted Service

Have complex conversations with your parents so they can enjoy the most comfortable experience as they navigate their golden years. When you speak from the heart with love, they will understand the benefits that are offered. Learn about Bonita Springs Healthcare Services and how you can find trusted professionals for home health care services.

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2 years ago / June 21, 2022

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