How Home Care Providers Can Ease the Strain of Pet Ownership for a Senior

Aging loved ones may start to struggle to keep up with day-to-day chores and tasks of daily living, they may also start to have trouble caring for a beloved pet on their own. But getting rid of the animal is not always the answer. Studies show that pets help seniors live healthier lives. If you have the choice between giving up an animal and finding help with caring for the animal, always choose home care services.How Home Care Providers Can Ease the Strain of Pet Ownership for a Senior

Benefits of Owning a Pet for Seniors

Caring for a pet is associated with health benefits in seniors. Not only does it help with isolation, but the structure a pet provides is beneficial to seniors as well. Studies show the following benefits of pet ownership:

  • Increase in physical exercise
  • Increase in socialization opportunities
  • Decreased blood pressure
  • Decreased feelings of loneliness
  • Decreased cholesterol levels
  • Better chance of recovery after significant health troubles

When your loved one has a pet that relies on them for meals and walks, they feel needed. This feeling helps an aging adult feel confident and purposeful. Interacting with pets helps slow cognitive declines, sometimes even more than interacting with humans, because there is no fear of judgment.

Options for Seniors with Pets

Unfortunately, it’s not easy to find a care facility that will take a senior resident with a pet. That is where home care comes in. If your loved one is still living independently, you can prolong their time to live in their home and keep their pet when you enlist the help offered by home care services.

Home care includes help with housekeeping, cooking, hygiene management, help to get dressed, and help taking care of the family pet. Know that your loved one’s pet will always be fed and groomed when you have trusted home care services to rely on.

Home care offers peace of mind for your loved one who wants to hold onto their independence and keep ownership of their pet. Home care assistants are there to take care of essential needs to allow your loved one to live in the comfort of their home.

We Offer Home Care to Pet Owners

Please reach out to our team at Bonita Springs Healthcare Services for questions regarding home care to allow the seniors in your life to keep their cherished furry friend.

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11 months ago / May 23, 2023

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