Honoring Clergy and Chaplains During Their Appreciation Month

We want to recognize the strength and dedication of hospice clergy and chaplains during the month of October. Most patients seek spiritual comfort and guidance during the last days of their lives. Chaplains step in to provide comfort to the patient and the patient’s family. They even support fellow hospice employees going through a tough time after a loss. We are grateful for all they do.Honoring Clergy and Chaplains During Their Appreciation Month

Does a Chaplain Replace the Patient’s Church Leader?

You may think you have no need for a chaplain if you have church leaders visiting you during your hospice stay. However, chaplains are not only for patients who are not in communication with a religious mentor. Instead, chaplains offer a day-to-day spiritual connection if patients desire to feel connected to God during this sensitive time.

How Can a Chaplain Help Family Members?

Sometimes all you need when visiting your ailing loved one is someone to be there with you. Chaplains offer companionship and a listening ear. They can pray with you or offer advice on dealing with sadness, stress, and fear. Allow the chaplain to guide you through your feelings and give yourself grace as you say your final goodbyes.

How Do Chaplains Help the Patients?

A Center for Disease Control (CDC) study reveals that 72% of hospice patients opt for spiritual support. You will find a positive correlation between spiritual support and overall well-being. A hospice chaplain will help the patient establish a spiritual routine that they can work on each day to bring peace to their lives.

Chaplains offer companionship to the patient as well. Maybe they have some worries or concerns about what will happen after they die. A chaplain can ease any fears.

Express Gratitude for Clergy and Chaplains

We are grateful for the work we see from clergy and chaplains. We are happy to honor them throughout the month of October.

If you’re wondering if it’s the right time to consider hospice care, , please reach out to our compassionate team at Bonita Springs Healthcare Services. We will help you to determine if hospice is a good fit for you or your loved one.

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2 years ago / October 4, 2022

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