Honor Essential Hospice Volunteers During National Volunteer Week

April is a great month for celebrating dear volunteers that touch lives without being asked. During National Volunteer Week, we want to honor our hospice volunteers. They make a difference in each hospice patient’s life. We are grateful for their selfless service.Honor Essential Hospice Volunteers During National Volunteer Week 1

Hospice Volunteers

Hospice volunteers follow strict training and protocol to be able to spend time with hospice patients. The National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization states that more than 400,000 hospice volunteers serve patients nationwide annually. Here’s what you can expect from a hospice volunteer:

  • A Listening Ear: A hospice volunteer will learn about the patient’s family, listen as they describe fears and anxiety, and ask follow-up questions about loved ones. They offer friendship when the hospice patient needs it most.
  • Playing Games: Hospice volunteers set aside their busy schedules to play games, participate in trivia, and laugh with the patient. The meaningful time makes the patient feel seen and heard.
  • Hold a Hand and Offer Comfort: A hospice volunteer often sits in silence as the patient nears the end of their life. They can hold their hand and ensure they are not alone during this harrowing time.
  • Fundraising: Part of being a hospice volunteer is raising money for hospice services. Each hospice service works differently but is always happy to take donations from generous donors. Hospice volunteers put in the work to educate potential donors and keep them updated on how their funds are put to good use.
  • Pet Pal Visits: Volunteers can bring in their pets and help patients feel loved and excited about snuggling with a cuddly cat or watching a dog get excited over a treat. Animals are healing to many patients, and a pet visit lifts their spirits.
  • Planning Special Events: Hospice volunteers head up fundraising events, like a charity ball or a luncheon. They can also volunteer to arrange bingo nights, movie nights, or other special events for hospice residents. Volunteers never fail to bring a smiling face and excitement to the residents.

Each hospice volunteer has their own set of skills and expertise. There is room for everyone to volunteer and demonstrate their strengths. Compassionate volunteers are assets to each hospice care facility.

Bonita Springs offers a variety of ways to get involved, allowing you to choose a role that matches your strengths, interests and comfort level. If you want to learn more about becoming a volunteer, please visit our website at https://bonitaspringscare.com/our-company/volunteer/ and submit an application today and start making a difference tomorrow!

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1 year ago / April 11, 2023

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