Holiday Gift Ideas for Hospice Patients

Your loved one in hospice wants to know that you care. What better way to show you love them than by giving them the perfect gift for the holidays? You have a chance to find a meaningful gift for your family member or friend. Read through our suggestions and see what speaks the most to you.Holiday Gift Ideas for Hospice Patients

Holiday Gift Ideas for Hospice Loved Ones

The holidays come around, and it’s time to find a present for everyone on your list. Do not forget your grandparent or family member who is in hospice care. A simple gift could be just what they need to know they are valued and important.

Take a look at some ideas for comfort gifts:

  • Fuzzy Blankets: Everyone could use another blanket to bring joy to their lives. Choose their favorite color or a small blanket to add over their cold feet or hands.
  • Slippers: Slippers can assist with icy feet as well. Find slippers with a special saying or ones that will stay on their feet even when under the covers.
  • Audiobook Subscription: Perhaps your loved one was once an avid reader, but their eyesight doesn’t allow them to read like they used to. Try an audiobook subscription with a few book suggestions to help them get started.

Sentimental gifts can make a powerful impact:

  • Memory Books: Create a photo book with special memories throughout their lives when they were younger. And then include some memories with you. Then, you can look through the book together and reminisce on those special times.
  • Picture Quilt: Print out some pictures that they can see every time they pull up their blanket to get warmer. A picture quilt is a functional and customized gift they will always cherish.
  • Personalized Mug: Everyone needs to sip on some water throughout the day. Create a customized mug with a picture or an inside joke printed on it. Your loved one will love to fill the cup each day and remember your thoughtful gift.

The truth is that even the act of giving a gift is enough to make your loved one happy. Write a card to your loved one or make an effort to tell them how much they mean to you as you hand them the present.

Learn more about hospice services and how they can benefit your loved one’s quality of life. Please contact our team at Bonita Springs Healthcare Services for answers to your questions.

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1 year ago / December 20, 2022

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