Essential Safety Considerations for Home Care Services

As the baby boomers are reaching retirement age, we see a greater demand for aging adults who need home care services. Most people have an aging parent or grandparent who needs support with daily activities such as dressing, bathing, meal preparation, and more.
Not only are home care services for older adults, but these services are also beneficial for people with disabilities or individuals recovering from surgery or illness.
Home Care Services

Many times, people want to stay in their homes as they are aging. It is possible to maintain independence, but care services might be necessary to ensure safety, health, and security.

Increasing Demand for Home Care Services

It’s easy to see why people prefer to stay at home instead of moving into care facilities. Staying home is more comfortable, and it’s often more affordable to maintain care services in the house instead of paying for a full-time facility.

Each year, millions of people in the United States receive care from family members or home care providers. Unfortunately, as these professionals are coming into the home, there is a possibility that you could be exposing your loved one to potential risks of harm or neglect. The good news is that these potential issues are minimized when you are proactive in choosing a reputable home care services team.

Home care is beneficial because it allows the family to create a personalized plan for the individual. The patient has more control over their daily activities and often feels greater comfort by staying in their own home.

Safety and Home Care

A recent report suggests that adverse events happen to as many as 13% of home care recipients. Examples of these events include mental health issues, medication problems, infections, falls, and injuries. Many of these issues could have been prevented with proper planning and due diligence.

Care providers can also have an increased risk of issues due to lifting injuries, needlesticks, physical abuse, and environmental hazards. Sometimes, family members must navigate anxiety and verbal abuse from the family member. These factors can lead to burnout and isolation.

The best way to minimize the risk to home care recipients and family members is by working with a trusted team to find a reputable provider. Good home care services have in-depth hiring, screening, and training processes to ensure safety in the home. For more information about finding the right provider, contact our team at Bonita Springs Healthcare Services.

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3 years ago / September 23, 2021

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