Dispelling Hospice Myths: Hospice Is Only for People in Their Last Days of Life

There are many myths circulating about hospice care. One of the common myths is that hospice is only needed during the last few days of someone’s life. Unfortunately, this misconception can lead to families of a loved one with a terminal illness not seeking the help they need.Dispelling Hospice Myths Hospice Is Only for People in Their Last Days of Life

The truth is that hospice care is provided for someone with a life-limiting illness or condition that no longer seeks reparative treatment. The purpose of hospice is to increase the quality of life for the patient with the disease or condition. The length of time does not matter, and many patients can enjoy the benefits of hospice care for months.

The Ideal Length of Hospice Care

Experts agree that patients will benefit from hospice care for 3 to 6 months. So while many families do not sign up for hospice until their loved one’s final days, they could be enjoying a better quality of life for months.

Most families that do experience hospice care with their ailing loved ones agree that they wished they would have sought hospice services earlier in the process. Once they see the benefits of monitored medical care, comfort, relief from pain, and peace of mind, they wish they had known about the services all along.

Hospice Care Can Lengthen the Patient’s Life

Studies show that patients under the care of hospice service live 29 days longer than other patients with the same conditions. This is particularly true for patients with congestive heart failure, pancreatic cancer, and lung cancer.

The hospice team works around the clock to ensure the patient is pain-free, can breathe easily, and is adequately nourished. During this time, the patient gets to maximize time with family and friends. In addition, they get to create memories they may not have had an opportunity to.

Finding the Right Provider of Hospice Services

When looking for a hospice provider, look for a reputable company with a history of gentle, detailed care. Next, meet with the staff to see if their characteristics will mesh with your loved one’s personality. And then, take the steps toward signing up for hospice care sooner rather than later to enjoy the specialized benefits.

Do you have questions about hospice care and if it’s right for you or your loved one? Our team can provide answers and show you on how to get started. Please call Bonita Springs Healthcare Services to arrange a consultation.

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2 years ago / September 6, 2022

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