Dispelling Hospice Myths: Hospice Hastens Death

Some people may have the false impression that hospice hastens death, meaning that if your loved one receives hospice services, they will die sooner than if they did not use hospice. This myth is irresponsible, imposing fear on families who could really benefit from choosing hospice care.Dispelling Hospice Myths Hospice Hastens Death

The truth is that hospice care has proven to prolong the lives of its patients. Not only do hospice patients live longer, but they live their final weeks or months in the most comfortable way possible. The constant care of the hospice staff ensures that the patient is pain-free and at peace.

The Purpose of Hospice

In hospice care, qualified medical professionals use their specialized knowledge to comfort the patients and educate the families on how to improve the patient’s quality of life. Here are some benefits of hospice:

  • Control Pain and Symptoms: When you choose hospice care for your loved one, they will enjoy the benefits of minimized pain. The specialized services focus on making patients feel relief as they live out their final days, create memories, and share stories.
  • Assist with Emotional and Social Needs: The hospice team is qualified to guide you through this time of loss, helping you cope with the death of a loved one. The patient can also lean on the hospice staff for emotional support during this uncertain time.
  • Treat Each Patient with Dignity: Your loved one’s health is a priority to the hospice team, and they will treat each patient with the utmost respect and dignity in their final days. As a result, you will never have to worry about negligence when your loved one is in hospice care.
  • Respect the Natural Process of Passing Away: While the hospice staff comforts the patient, they also respect the natural process of death. In hospice care, your loved one will not receive curative treatments. Instead, the team will use their expertise to look for end-of-life signs and ease the patient through that journey.

Hospice care can provide more than comfort during the final weeks of someone’s life. And, when you see all of the benefits of hospice, you will wonder why more families do not sign up earlier.

Please contact our Bonita Springs Healthcare Services team to learn more and to find out if hospice care is right for you or your loved one.

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2 years ago / September 13, 2022

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