Caregivers: What You Need to Understand About At-Home Hospice Services

Sometimes family caregivers put their lives on hold to care for a loved one nearing the end of their life. This selfless service is beautiful and bonding, but it can also wear on the caregiver. Did you know you can keep your loved one in the comfort of your home while receiving hospice care from professional nurses and doctors?Caregivers What You Need to Understand About At-Home Hospice Services

What to Expect with At-Home Hospice Care in Gilroy

You may imagine that at-home hospice care provides around-the-clock care for your loved one. However, if your loved one stays in your home, you are still the primary caregiver. Still, there are many benefits of at-home hospice care:

  • Medical Equipment: Medical equipment will be delivered to your home so that you can set up an at-home care room. Usually, people convert a main-level room into a comfortable space for their loved ones. The medical equipment will provide monitoring and comfort for the patient throughout the hospice experience.
  • Appointments at Your Convenience: You can schedule nurse visits, chaplain visits, and therapy appointments to be at convenient times for you. For example, run to the grocery store while the nurse is on-duty performing routine check-ups.
  • Visits from Hospice Nurses: Even though you are the primary caretaker, you still have a nurse regularly checking in on your loved one. If you ever need help with getting your loved one dressed or bathed, the nurse can assist. In addition, if you have a question about a new symptom or condition, you can call on the expert hospice team.
  • Visits from Other Care Professionals: You can schedule for volunteers, chaplains, therapists, and other care professionals to visit your loved one as they are nearing the end of life. These visits will bring joy and also offer relief to you as the caretaker.
  • Respite Care: Every caretaker experiences burnout. And that’s okay! Call on the hospice team to take over for a period of time so that you can take a moment to take care of yourself. Your mental health and well being should not be put on hold while acting as the caretaker of a family member.

We offer top-quality services for those in need at Bonita Springs Healthcare Services. With our caring staff, you can count on your loved ones getting the attention they need. Please give us a call if you have questions about potential hospice care in Gilroy.

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2 years ago / May 17, 2022

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