6 Signs a Loved One Needs Home Care Services

As a loved one grows older, it’s vital for the family to be proactive in identifying when the person will benefit from home care services. Sometimes, it’s a gradual decline, and family members overlook the signs. Other times, the person’s health and independence decline quickly, making it easy for the family to see that additional support is required.

6 Signs a Loved One Needs Home Care Services

6 Signs Your Loved One Needs Help

Home care services encompass the support your loved one needs to continue aging in place. Here are a few of the most common signs families should watch for to determine when it’s time to hire home care services:

Tidy Home

Have you noticed a change in the cleanliness and clutter in the home? If the person is struggling to keep up with household chores, home care is beneficial to ensure the living space is comfortable, safe, and sanitary.

Change in Personal Hygiene

If you notice a decline in the person’s hygiene, it’s a sign that the person has a hard time keeping up with daily routines. Home care services can include support for bathing, dental hygiene, and dressing.

Medication Management

Is the person forgetting to take medications or using the wrong dosages? Home care can help with reminders to take medication.

Reduced Activities

When the person stops participating in their favorite activities, it could be an indication of physical challenges or emotional issues. Home care is helpful for companionship and regular conversation, as well as transportation to appointments.

Mobility Challenges

The risk of trips and falls goes up as a person gets older. If you notice unexplained bruises or the person is unsteady on their feet, talk to the home care team about support for routine movements – such as standing, walking, and sitting.

Weight Fluctuations

Sudden weight loss could be an indication of a physical or mental health problem. Home care services include support for meal preparation, nutrition, and grocery shopping.

At Bonita Springs Healthcare Services, we are proactively engaged in helping families access the optimal level of care when loved ones need it the most.
If you wonder whether your loved one needs home care services, we invite you to contact our team to learn more about available support.

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3 years ago / September 11, 2021

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