5 Tips for Choosing a Home Health Agency in Gilroy

It’s time to choose a home health agency in Gilroy. But how do you pick from the many providers in the area? Here are a few things to look for when you or a loved one needs the services available from a home care agency:5 Tips for Choosing a Home Health Agency in Gilroy

Tip #1: Ask for Recommendations

The first step to evaluating your options for a home health agency in Gilroy is to ask for recommendations. Talk to your primary care provider, as well as close friends and family who might know providers in the area. These recommendations give you feedback and a place to start with your research.

Tip #2: Check Their Reputation

As you narrow down your options, always check the reputation of the home health agency you are considering. Does the company have a good history and positive online reviews? Are you choosing a home health agency with the proper licensing and certifications?

Also, make sure that the employees and in-home workers have gone through background checks. New-hire screening can reduce the risk of elder abuse. If the caregiver provides medical support, check on their education and credentials.

Tip #3: Identify Your Needs

What are the most pressing needs in the home? Available services fall into two categories

  • Non-Medical Support: General services around the house, including bathing, grooming, transportation, mobility, household chores, companionship, meal preparation, and more
  • Medical Care: Services for patients with underlying health conditions that require skilled nursing and various treatments

Tip #4: Decide on Availability

How much support is needed for your loved one? Patients with mild or moderate healthcare concerns might only need a few hours of nursing services several times a week. On the other hand, patients with advanced health concerns might require medical care throughout the day or even 24/7.

Talk to the home health agency to learn more about staffing availability. You need a team that can provide all required services for this personalized home health care plan.

Tip #5: Evaluate Financial Coverage

Family members don’t have to carry the financial burden without support. Ensure the patient has met specific requirements to receive home health care funding. For example, the primary care physician can determine whether the person qualifies for these services through Medicare, Medicaid, or private health insurance.

When these qualifications are met, the financial support covers everything that a patient needs, which helps minimize out-of-pocket costs for the family.

Talk to a Home Health Agency in Gilroy

What questions do you have about home health services in Gilroy, CA? Bonita Springs Healthcare Services is here to help. Reach out to our team to learn more about available services, including home care, home health, and hospice.

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2 years ago / March 7, 2022

Bonita Springs Health Care offers a continuum of care across multiple disciplines, meaning that our professionals can assess the needs of the patient, coordinate the required level of intervention, and provide the appropriate solution.

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